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Premium 5S Marking Kit with BMP71

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$2,049.00 - $2,049.00
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Product Highlight

Maximum Label/Tape Width:

2 in

Color Printing Capability:

Single Color

Maximum Labels per Day:


Stand Alone Printing:

PC connected & Stand-alone

Print Resolution:

300 dpi

Print Technology:

Thermal Transfer


This ToughStripe® Premium 5S Marking Kit provides everything you need to 5S your facility, including a BMP®71 Portable Label Printer and supplies for creating custom labels.

  • Kit includes ToughStripe® floor marking tapes, tool board, and workbench marking tapes compatible with the BMP®71 Label Printer
  • ToughStripe® floor marking tapes are made of rugged polyester with ultra-aggressive adhesive to withstand forklift traffic without tearing or lifting
  • The painless setup, portability and intuitive interface of the BMP®71 label printer makes it easy to create custom labels on the go
  • 5S lean methodology reduces waste and optimizes productivity through better workplace organization

BMP71 overview video

Top Applications

General Identification

Directional marking, Equipment labeling


Arc flash, OSHA, Fire safety identification

Lean / 5S

Lock-out tags, Floor marking, Rack, Gauge & Parts bin labeling

Inspection and Repair

Eye Wash Stations, Fire Extinguisher, Forklift Equipment, Ladders, Respirators

Wire and Cable

Sleeves, Self-Lams, Wire Wraps, Flag Labels, Cable Markers


Key Characteristics
Product Number 142111
UPC 754473183783
Applications  Barcode Labeling, Cable & Wire Marking, Circuit Board Marking, Facility ID, General & Industrial ID, Healthcare ID, Industrial ID, Laboratory ID, Lockout Tagout Labeling, Plant Maintenance
Trade Name BMP®71
Brand Name Brady®
Country of Origin  Malaysia
HTS Code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule)  8443.32.1050
ECCN (Export Commodity Control Number)  EAR99
Dimensions Dimensions 13 in H x 9.5 in W x 4.6 in D
Height 13 in
Width 9.5 in
Depth 4.6 in
Display Size 3.5 in
Printer Weight 5.42 lb
Weight 5.42 lb
Material Characteristics Color Blue
Product Features Application  Facility Identification, General Identification, Healthcare and Hospital Labeling, Laboratory Labeling, Wire and Cable Labeling
Shipped With Battery Yes
Battery mAh Rating 1800 mAh
Battery Weight 340 g
Battery Weight (metric) 0.75 lb
Built-In Label Wizards Flags, Patch Panel, Terminal Block, Wire Wrap
Connectivity Options  USB
Cutter Type Between labels or at end of print job, Single Hand Manual Actuate, Straight Cut
Display Type Color LCD Screen
Keyboard Type QWERTY
Memory 200 MB (stores up to 100,000 labels)
Mode of Operation  Stand-Alone & Peripheral Modes
Stand Alone Printing  PC connected & Stand-alone
Number of Printers in Kit 1
Number of Symbols 500+
Plug Type US
Power Supply Voltage 110 - 245 V
Auto Shut-Off / Power Conserve 10 minutes, User Configurable
Recharge Time  4 hours
Special Characters Quantity Depends on Regional Keypad
User Interface Type Full QWERTY Keyboard
Battery Type Rechargeable NiMH Battery
Label/Media Format Cartridge
Supply Remaining Gauge  Yes
Printing Specifications Barcode Capability Barcode Capable
Barcode Symbologies - 2D More through Brady Workstation
Barcode Symbologies - Linear Code 128, Code 39, More through Brady WorkStation
Calibration Required?  Automated through Smart Cell
Color Printing Capability Single Color
Font Sizes 4 - 174 pt
Font Styles Arial Alternative Monospaced, Swiss 721
Label Retention Feature  No
Maximum Labels per Day  1000
Maximum Print Speed 1.5 in/s
Minimum Label Length  0.236 in
Minimum Liner Width 0.812 in
Print Resolution 300 dpi
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
On Screen Indicators Battery Life, Ribbon and label part number recognition, Ribbon Remaining, Supply Remaining
Device Drop Test & Durability Resistant to 4-foot drops
Compatibility Cartridge Printer Series  Bulk Labels (BPTL-), Bulk M71 Series (BM71-, BM71C-), M71 Series (M71-, M71C-, M71EP-, M71FP-, M71FT-)
Compatible Media  BM71-, BM71C-, BM71E-, BM71H-, M71-, M71C-, M71D-, M71EP-, M71FP-, M71FT-, PTL-, PTLEP-
Label Material Types FreezerBondz™ Polyester, Heat-shrink Polyolefin, High Temperature Heat-shrink Polyvinylidene Fluoride Sleeve, Metal-detectable Polyester, Metallized Polyester, Nylon Cloth, Paper, Phosphorescent Polyester, Polyester, Polyester with Polyester Overlaminate, Polyethylene, Polyethylene Foam Laminate Polyester, Polyimide, Polyolefin, Polypropylene, Polyvinylfluoride, Reflective Tape, Self-laminating Polyester, Self-laminating Vinyl, StainerBondz™ Polyester, Static Dissipative Polyester, Tamper-resistant Metallized Vinyl, Tamper-resistant Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl Cloth
Continuous & Die-Cut Materials Supported Continuous and Die-cut
Custom Media Parts Available Yes
Custom Labels Available Yes
Maximum Label/Tape Width 2 in
Maximum Print Width 2 in
Maximum Printed Label Length 40 in
Maximum Liner Width 2.25 in
Software Compatibility Brady Workstation
Languages Available English (US), French (France), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Spain)
What's Included Includes (1) .50" Black Border Marking Tape (121131), (1) .50" Blue Border Marking Tape (121414), (1) .50" Green Border Marking Tape (121130), (1) .50" Red Border Marking Tape (121127), (1) 1" x 1" Black L Corner Marks (121417), (1) 1" x 1" Blue L Corner Marks (121414), (1) 1" x 1" Green L Corner Marks (121416), (1) 1" x 1" Red L Corner Marks (121413), (1) 12" Black Shadow Vinyl (121121), (1) 12" Blue Shadow Vinyl (121118), (1) 12" Green Shadow Vinyl (121120), (1) 12" Red Shadow Vinyl (121117), (1) 2" Blue ToughStripe Floor Tape (104314), (1) 2" Green ToughStripe Floor Tape (104315), (1) 2" Red ToughStripe Floor Tape (104313), (1) 2" Yellow ToughStripe Floor Tape (104312), (1) 3" x 8" Blue ToughStripe L Corner Marks (104444), (1) 3" x 8" Green ToughStripe L Corner Marks (104443), (1) 3" x 8" Red ToughStripe L Corner Marks (104442), (1) 3" x 8" Yellow ToughStripe L Corner Marks (104445), (1) AC Adapter/Battery Charger (M-AC-143110), (1) BMP®71 Printer (BMP71), (1) Cleaning Card/Swab (M71-CLEAN), (1) Hard Case (M71-HC), (1) Label Cartridge (M71C-1000-595-WT), (1) Label Cartridge (M71C-2000-595-WT), (1) Label Cartridge (M71C-2000-595-YL), (1) Label Cartridge (M71C-500-595-WT), (1) Product CD, (1) Quick Start Guide, (1) Ribbon (M71-R6000), (1) Ribbon (M71-R6900-RD), (1) Soft Case (BMP-SC-3), (1) TLS 2200/HANDIMARK® Label Roll Adapter (M71-ADAPT-BK), (1) USB Cable (M-USB-103788)
Warranty 2 Years
Warranty (North America) 2 Years
Additional Label, Tapes, Ribbons or Cartridges Included (1) 2" Yellow Floor Marking tape;(1) 2" Green Floor Marking tape;(1) 2" Yellow Red Marking tape;(1) 2" Blue Floor Marking tape;(1) 3" Yellow Corner "L" Marks;(1) 3" Red Corner "L" Marks;(1roll) 3" Green Corner "L" Marks;(1) 3" Blue Corner "L" Marks;(1) 1" Black Corner "L" Marks;(1) 1" Red Corner "L" Marks;(1) 1" Blue Corner "L" Marks;(1) 1" Green Corner "L" Marks;(1) 12" Black Shadow Roll;(1) 12" Red Shadow Roll;(1) 12" Blue Shadow Roll;(1) 12" Green Shadow Roll;(1) 1/2" Black Boarder Line;(1) 1/2" Red Boarder Line;(1) 1/2" Blue Boarder Line;(1) 1/2" Green Boarder Line;
Compliance UNSPSC  45101520
Patent Number(s) 5918989, 5951177, 6929415, 7893951, 7999836, 8328442, 8333524, US D635183
RoHS Compliance Status Not applicable to this product

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