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*$100 Minimum Order* *5% Off Your First Order*

N95V NIOSH Respirators

by BBH

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These disposable N95V NIOSH masks are equipped with a low-resistance exhalation valve that helps reduce hot air buildup and makes breathing easier in hot and humid environments. They effectively filter 95% of solid particles and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. Lightweight and comfortable, they are equipped with an anti-particulate respirator. Metal- and latex-free, they are made with half-face sealing foam, and their shape is moulded for greater comfort. Please note that H-Series masks are not intended for medical use.
▪ Particulate respirator
▪ 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil
▪ Advance low resistant exhalation valve
▪ Ergonomic molded shape with welded elastics
▪ Half face foam seal
▪ Lightweight and comfortable
▪ Metal and latex free
▪ Disposable


 Spec-BI-HSeries-151002HS-N95VNIOSHMasks-BBH (649.56 kB)

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