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Nylon Safety Lockout Padlocks - Keyed Alike Sets, Unique Quantity and Color

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Choose your exact quantity, key code, color and material to minimize costs, control inventory and reduce waste

  • Specify key code by set to adhere to OSHA’s “one person, one lock, one key" guidance (note: key codes are uniform across colors and padlock styles)
  • Each set has a dedicated Brady catalog number as well as the key code engraved on the locks to help you re-order or add onto the system easily and avoid duplication in your facility
  • Take advantage of shorter lead times and faster shipping thanks to our in-house inventory
  • Skip the forms and phone calls by simply selecting and ordering online
  • Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks are designed exclusively for lockout tagout applications as part of an OSHA-compliant safety program
  • Keyed alike padlocks reduce the number of keys needed to carry and are ideal for individuals or trades responsible for multiple machines or isolation points
  • Nylon padlocks with steel shackles are lightweight, durable and ideal for general lockout applications
Self-service solution - no charting needed
Easy reorder - match the code on the key and padlock
Quick shipping in the quantity and key code you choose
Skip the high prices of custom padlocks
The underside of a nylon padlock showing its unique keycode

Unique Keycodes

Each padlock is engraved with a unique keycode on the padlock key and the bottom face of the lock body, thus making it a breeze to record the distribution of locks in your facility. When keyed alike, you benefit from same-key convenience.

The underside of a nylon padlock showing its key-retaining cylinder

Key-Retaining Cylinder

Each padlock comes with a key-retaining brass cylinder, which means the key can only be removed when the padlock is unlocked, providing added safety and helping to limit lost keys. Plus, 2 keys are included with each padlock.

Four nylon padlocks hanging on a piece of industrial equipment

Resists Tough Environments

Our unibody nylon lockout padlocks can effectively isolate hazardous electricity and withstand even the most demanding environment, helping you to create the safest possible workplace for your employees.

Nylon Padlock Comparison Guide

Safety Lockout Keyed Alike Unique Padlock Sets
Safety Lockout Padlocks SafeKey Lockout Padlocks
In-Stock Key Code Availability Yes No No
Color Matched Key No No Yes
# of Keys Included 2 2 1
Max # of Key Codes 15,000 15,000 100,000
Custom Engraving Options No No Yes
Key Retaining Yes Yes No
Body Color Options 5 5 9
Electrical Protection Plastic outer shell Plastic outer shell Internal non-conductive ball bearings and driver

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